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The ultimate database on all things Designer Vinyl! This is a free encyclopaedia of Artists and their work. It's free to contribute, just register in the top right corner and off you go! Are you an artist and toy designer? Go ahead and add yourself! Don't know how to edit a wiki? See our How to Edit pages!
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Featured Custom:


10 Doh! custom by Spanky Stokes for the So Analog Group Custom Show

Featured Toy:


Created by Devilrobots and produced by Play Imaginative. Devilrobots loves tofu, and a now-huge range of tofu character toys have been released and proven to be hugely popular. They come in a huge range of sizes from keychains to enormous! And have had several sidelines including Smery Tofu and crossed over to other platforms such as the tofu Kubricks.

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Featured Artist:


Shawn Smith started Shawnimals in 2001 with wife Jennifer Brody after becoming disenchanted with the droves of sketchbooks he had lying around, with characters that may not have been used otherwise. "Why not make plush versions of these simple-shaped characters?" Shawnimals continues to grow in popularity, receiving press in Entertainment Weekly, New York Times, Chicago Sun-Times, and many others.

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