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Featured Custom:


10 Doh! custom by Spanky Stokes for the So Analog Group Custom Show

Featured Toy:


Lettus Bee
Upper Playground and Ningyoushi presented their second vinyl figure collectible in 2007, Lettus Bee, by Mel Bend creator and GIRL Skateboard creative director, Andy Jenkins. Lettus Bee, a comic character in Wrench Pilot, which was published in various skateboard magazines and hails as the 'everyday guy'. Lettus Bee takes his fair share of fancy board tricks as well as gruesome falls. This 9" vinyl figure captures Lettus Bee in action with a face plant and his skateboard suspended in the air with a wire.

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Featured Artist:


A Little Stranger
Hi I’m, Holly. By day I’m a plush designer and model maker living in London, UK, by night I go under my ‘A Little Stranger’ alias, working on a variety of projects. I’m greatly inspired by animals and the natural world, as well as fantasy movies. I love to combine the two and realise cute and fantastical new creatures in painting and plush.

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