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Featured Custom:


Misfortune Cat custom by Andrew Bell for Reconstructing Misfortune

Featured Toy:


Created by Wilfrid Wood in 2007, Coot stands 7" tall, is completely naked with only a hairdryer for company! Coot is a vinyl figure, unusual as most of Wilfrid's pieces are made of sculpey.

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Featured Artist:


Established in 1997, Devilrobots are a design team of 5 from Japan that are well known for their symbolic television character named TO-FU. Their main works are graphics, character designs, audio-visual, web designs, toys, CD art, clothing, and more! They’ve held exhibitions in Japan, NY, Paris, and are highly recognized worldwide for their works. A little evil and robotic fun is their taste, and the original world of "Cute, but Toxic" is in effect.

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