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Featured Custom:


Sketchbot custom by Lou Pimentel for the Sketchbot Custom Show

Featured Toy:

Glop ice.jpg

Glop in the Box
Glop in a Box is a cute little resin figure by Andrew Bell and produced by MPHLabs. Glop was released in 2010 and stands 4.5" tall. They were released in very limited numbers, only 8 pieces of the Red Planet edition, and was first seen at NYCC 2010.

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Featured Artist:


"Mr. JOnes - AKA Lunartik" Aside from being ludicrously tall for his age - 6ft 7 inches & still growing. Mr JOnes is a man on a mission. His aim? To bring together the worlds of art and design in perfect harmony. And under the banner of his company Lunartik, things are progressing rather nicely.

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