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*[[First Days of Despair]] with [[Amanda Visell]]
*[[First Days of Despair]] with [[Amanda Visell]]
*[[Outburst Loop]]
*[[Outburst Loop]]
*[[Permanent Guest]]
== Toy Series Participation ==
== Toy Series Participation ==

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Work in the coarse world began in 2003, when German artists Mark Landwehr and Sven Waschk began developing their unique style of sculpting, which creates the illusion that they have chiseled and exposed their sculptures from three-dimensional rock.

While the underlying stories of the individual pieces vary and express themes of denial, betrayal and lies, the sculptures aim to make an impression on multiple levels. While often looking cute at first glance, a distinct silence, sadness and loneliness simultaneously convey an alternate effect. These subtle and almost shy undertones expose our souls’ vulnerability, which we so often try to conceal.

Within the last 10 years the artists have evolved, gaining international recognition and collectors all over the world. The artists focus primarily on statues that range from small to life-size and are made from resin and/or fiberglass. They are finished as single pieces or in small limitation runs and are entirely crafted by the artists themselves.

After the initial conceptual phase the artists go directly into the sculpting process. Depending on the complexity of the piece it can take months until the shape is finalised. This is followed by mould-making, casting, sanding, detailing and painting in the artists' studios. Mark Landwehr about his work for coarse: “We pay highest attention to every detail of our work in order to avoid distracting the viewer. This way people can dive into an almost surreal scenery and sense the underlying pain, sadness and loneliness of our creations. We want to create a second reality”

Selected sculptures frequently become limited-run vinyl figure releases. Under the brand “coarse” the sculptures get distributed worldwide in award-winning packages always designed by the artists themselves.

Solo Shows

Designed Toy Releases

These are toys designed by Course Toys.

Toy Series Participation


  • Noop - 1:3 "Pain in Dreams" custom, 2010
  • Og Flake,Fluid, and Float
  • Noop - Sprouting noops
  • Noop - Color Station


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