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I Heart Guts is the brainchild of an anatomically obsessed illustrator who loves internal organs and all they do. Founded in 2005, our little family operation (heh, heh, heh..ugh) strives to offer the best in stoopid slogans paired with happy gloppy guts. We like to think of the Guts as what you might find inside a dissected Hello Kitty.

The guts grew from a single drawing of a broken heart, after a string of bad hookups, dead-end relationships and lame-o boyfriends. At the time, I was also doing a lot of drinking and smoking, so a sad liver and bummed-out lung followed. Years later, my wonderful husband wondered, “Why don’t you do something with those darned guts?”

Designed Toy Releases

These are toys designed by I Heart Guts.

Toy Series Participation

These are toys that I Heart Guts has lent their design skills to.


These are one-off, or very limited, toys.