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Image:Dunny-artofwar-luihz.jpg|Art of War Dunny
Image:Dunny-artofwar-luihz.jpg|Art of War Dunny
Image:ExquisiteCorpse-Luihz.jpg|Exquisite Corpse Dunny

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Luihz Unreal is a toy designer and artist who owns a unique style which has full of personality. His art is influenced by the Japanese Manga universe, with his own touch of modernity and a huge sense of humor. His customs are characterized by incredible details and an absurd degree of precision in his lines, even with the smaller toys that he creates.

Designed Toy Releases

These are toys designed by Luihz.

Toy Series Participation

These are toys that Luihz has lent their design skills to.

  • Dunny - 3" "Nosunsferatu" & "Timberrr!" for the Exquisite Corpse series, 2020
  • Dunny - 3" "Stop the Tanks!" for the Art of War series, 2014


These are one-off, or very limited, toys.


Production Pieces