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UK based (but shipping around the world!) online store is dedicated to seeking out designer toys from around the world. We stock a range of designer collectables and limited editions; blind box mini-figures; plush toys; DIYs and blanks; clip-on plush characters; phone charms; zipper pulls and well, pretty much anything funky that takes our fancy!

Funky Peanut are proud to announce the release of an exclusive collaboration with UK artist and character designer Doktor A: Limited Edition Rupture Funky Sleeves - mobile device cases for iPads, Kindles, Android tablets, Macbook Pro and other laptops.

The Rupture design Funky Sleeves is the first in a proposed series of artist designed media device cases from Funky Peanut.

Any questions, queries or concerns that you may have - don't bottle them up! Get in touch (, we're keen to try help!

You can be sure that your orders will be processed quickly and that all of your precious items will be carefully packaged for shipping.