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About Gama-Go[edit]

One night, back in early 2001, Los Angeles artist Tim Biskup, graphic designer Greg Long, and unprofessional skateboarder Chris Edmundson were downing vodka tonics & sharing thoughts on a host of their favorite subjects; popular taste, art, music, and fashion. They agreed that streetwear fashion seemed to lack a sense of humor, and had become a parody of itself. There had to be a way to combine streetwise attitude and lifestyle with art and humor. One sketchbook and three drinks later the Gama-Go world was born.

Every product Gama-Go makes is a limited edition of 250-500 pieces, never to be repeated. Popular characters like the Ninja Kitty, Gama Yeti, Space Bat, and The Shadow reoccur seasonally, but in different one-of-a-kind designs.

Toys Produced[edit]

These are toys created/produced by Gama-Go.

Toy Series Participation[edit]

These are toys that Gama-Go has lent their design skills to.

  • Qee - 2.5" Keychain - Gama-Go Yeti 2008
  • Qee - 2.5" Keychain - Gama-Go Yeti GID (Glow in the Dark) 2008
  • Qee - 8" Gama-Go Yeti 2008
  • Qee - 8" Gama-Go Yeti GID (Glow in the Dark) 2008