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About Omochastore[edit]

Omocha. You're probably saying it wrong, so here's how you say it. OH my goodness, Moe can dance, Cha-cha-cha. If you're saying the mocha part like it's an espresso with steamed milk and chocolate, you're doing it wrong, and everyone will laugh at you.

What does it mean? It's how you say "Toy" in Japanese... well sort of. Having the Latin word for it might have sounded more sophisticated, but we're not all that sophisticated, and the closest match we found was Crepundia... So we went with the Japanese version. Sounds much better.

The group of us that founded this company have an obsession for unique, fun, and odd items. Our personal collections include some very unique and rare things found on the planet. Our goal is to make goods like these available to others, and to have them in one place. We'll continue to do this until we decide otherwise, and then we'll change this About Us page, and no one will know. Until that day, we can assure you that the small number of products we have listed have been eye-catchers for us, additions to our collections, and we truly believe everyone with a similar obsession to ours should have them.

Omochastore Exclusives[edit]

These are exclusives to this store.