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Illustrator and Designer graduated from UAL- Camberwell College of Arts, BA illustration. Founded the independent brand YOYO YEUNG STUDIO in 2018, focusing on the creation of artistic illustrations, sculptures, story picture books, as well as the design of resin sculptures, fashion toys, blind box series, and other products. Three main original IP characters have been released: Kenneth, Yoki, and Raby.

Yoyo's work was inspired by a trip to the London Natural History Museum, which revealed to her the sheer volume and variety of species that roam our planet. She wants to celebrate these creatures, imagining them all with their own societies and characters, living in a way that is both familiar and different to us.

Designed Toy Releases[edit]

Toy Series Participation[edit]

Customs & Show Pieces[edit]

  • Raby - "Red Bow" custom for TTF, 5 pieces, 2019


Production Pieces[edit]

Customs & Show Pieces[edit]