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Created by Yoyo Yeung, Yoki the bat comes in the standard standing figure and the smaller sitting figure.

In the endless universe, there is always a lot of unknowns, and Yoki is the ocean that is bred in the white crystals floating in the blocks. When he woke up and landed on a certain planet, he began his story.

From the author Yoyo Yeung's description of Yoki, although it is a girl, she never felt that the bat was terrible, but instead thought that the bat was a very cute little life. In the process of designing Yoki, she found many shadows on her own. For example, in winter, the scarf is used to cover the mouth and even the nose. It feels very comfortable and secure. The inspiration of Yoki's collar is derived from this feeling. For example, the part that covers Yoki's torso is not a shawl or an apron. It is his own wings. Both hands are rolled up in front of the body to protect themselves. Why are we not so? Everything is cautious, but it often courageously faces the world.


  • Standing
    • Original
    • Red Heart
    • Universe Blue
    • Icy White
    • Shining Star
    • Snowman
    • New Year
    • Chocolate - 100 pieces
    • Candy - 100 pieces
    • Bread Panda - 300 pieces
    • Alien - ToyCon UK'18 exclusive
    • Sakura - STS'18 exclusive, 300 pieces
    • Pink Plumeria - TTE'18 exclusive
  • Sitting
    • Happy Valentines
    • Clear Green - 100 pieces
    • Bling Bling Orange - 100 pieces
    • Shiny Purple - STS'18 exclusive, 100 pieces
    • Glacier - STS'18 exclusive, 5 pieces
    • Pudding - STS'18 exclusive, 200 pieces
    • Mango - TTE'18 exclusive