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About Bearbrick Love[edit]

Bearbrick Love is a blog about Bearbricks, collectible toy figures produced by the Japanese company, Medicom Toys Incorporated. It was created in February 2007 by Bearbrick Lover, an advertising creative director / photographer / toy collector based in Manila, Philippines. Bearbrick Love features a unique Bearbrick design in each blog entry, and its subject matters range from personal stories to socio-cultural / artistic insights and commentaries, as well as information on the global toy/vinyl culture. All main Bearbrick pics were taken and digitally enhanced by the blogger himself and are protected by copyright.

According to Bearbrick Lover, he discovered Bearbricks during one of his trips to Bangkok, Thailand. He chanced upon a BWWT Bearbrick set at the Loft Store near Siam Square and was instantly attracted the unusual and charming designs of the bears. Today, he has collected thousands of Bearbricks from various designer toy outlets around the world, as well as from trusted eBay sellers. A list of online resellers are posted on his blog as a guide for other toy collectors.

The blog has a Best of Bearbrick Love section where links to the most memorable entries are. It also has a blog roll of the author's favourite sites, as well as informative links for the newbie Bearbrick collector.



Bearbrick Love won in the 2008 Philippine Blog Awards for Best Single Blog Entry (Fashion and Retail Category) for its May 2007 write-up "Camo Comes Out Of Hiding". In 2009, it won Best Blog (Hobby & Recreation Category) from the same award-giving body.


Neoworx statistics show that to date: over unique 381,471 visitors from 189 countries have landed on the Bearbrick Love page. Top 10 countries that create blog traffic are:

1. United States

2. United Kingdom

3. Philippines

4. Malaysia

5. Singapore

6. Canada

7. France

8. Australia

9. Hong Kong

10. Germany