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Created by Tim Biskup. Alphabeast Calli stands 9" tall. Released from 2006.

There is an interesting story behind this figure. When it was originally produced in 2006 for a Tim Biskup show in Spain, they quickly realized it had huge QC issues. Basically, they issued a recall of the toy, and provided a silver replacement to anyone who sent back the gold one.

A small hole was drilled into the foot of the gold one in order to prevent "clever" people from continuing to send it back in order to get extra silver ones.

I must admit that neither piece has the greatest QC, though the gold one is worse. That said, I actually prefer the dark green color, which turned out here instead of the gold. This figure is really a nice, two-tone green. You might not know it was ever supposed to even be gold, except there are a few gold splotches on the back of mine. The other issue is that you can see the stripes through the eyes and mouth. - From Jeremy Myriad


  • Green & Gold
  • Green & Silver
  • Black & Silver
  • White & Silver
  • Red & Silver
  • Yellow - 350 pieces
  • Angel Dust - Blue & Silver Glitter, 50 pieces
  • Angel Dust - Blue & Gold Glitter, 350 pieces