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Created and produced by Jermaine Rogers. CHOICES measures 6" tall and is crafted in vinyl. The first vinyl release from Jermaine's DERO72 imprint, the figure was an overwhelming hit at San Diego ComicCon: a 'shadow with glow eyes' exclusive was released and quickly sold out.

In 2018 a larger 8" resin "Animal" figure was cast with the guys at Mana Studios.

Our little bunny is faced with a heavy decision. He holds an instrument to help him carry it out. Protector or destroyer? Which will he choose? You decide.


  • Vinyl
    • Regular - 500 pieces
    • A Shadow with Glow Eyes - SDCC'14
    • Shadow Variant - red eyes, 250 pieces
    • Glow - GID, 50 pieces
    • Phantom - clear, 100 pieces
    • Fur - flocked, 125 pieces
    • Storm - ComplexCon'18 exclusive
    • Sunlight
    • Moonlight
  • Resin
    • Shadow
    • Toy Soldier