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Created by Michael Lau, Crazy Children are a series of figures that are somewhat like Gardeners. They were constantly changing in the idea and design, unlike Gardeners. All of them had a Michael figure as a secret figure, but the Michael was different in each series.


  • Crazy Children series 1 -

This was the series with the most types, with a mono,original,and capsule series. These had just people and no animals. This series also was the only one with round form. The secret figure has a resemblance to normal mini Michaels. This is the only series that is faked.

  • Crazy Children series 2 -

This series got criticism for Michael Lau's switch to mostly jagged form with pixelated faces, which he normally didn't use. The figures had only original variants, although the Pig had many colours and sometimes a Nike symbol and Junkie had a Mhi variant. The secret figure was Michael Lau too,but it was larger,had a uneven style, pixelated eyes,and had a hat. This was the first series to have characters based on people, which were Meter Chen and Junkie. Junkie also has a dog and extendible arms and torso. Also,the CC bear was the only toy in the entire series to be a platform customized by other artists. The CC King is one of the only ones without pixelation and was later remade in 2011. The new CC King was 12" and was a real figure, with several points of articulation as well as many details, such as a mouth with a tongue and a uvula and real clothing. Cat is one of the only unique figures, with 17 random styles of clothing.

  • Crazy Children series 3 -

This series switched to a box design,and had more people than any others, but it also had pets. Some toys had boxes for seats, just like the CC King. However, 1 figure, S.F.J.J. never made it to production because it looked too much like James Jarvis's work. Some figures, like S.F.Fedex were customs. S.F.B.B came in a white design or classic design, but the one with Be@rbrick arms and legs was a custom. T-shirts were released with "pets" of the figures. W.H.O was the only figure that had pixelated eyes. The secret figure was one of the largest toys designed by Michael Lau. His last figures of the series were GPS 21, 22 and 23. These special figures had different styles of the jacket it was wearing, didn't have the box design, was signed by Michael Lau, were only at DP-MHI and only 75 figures were made in total.

  • Crazy Children series 4 -

This is rumoured and has been teased by Michael Lau. A scale vs a 6" Gardener suggests these will tower at 18". 2 teased characters include Micro (Version of Crylon) and grown Fatwest. It is also likely to for them to be renamed Crazy Kidult.