Evil Ape

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Created by MCA and produced by Toy2r. Each figure stands about 6" tall.


  • Rusty Ape (never released)
  • Grape Ape
  • Ape Noir - 50 pieces (variant to Grape Ape)
  • Golden Ape - ArToyz exclusive (half the run is the variant with Wide eyes, Blue shirt and blonde hair)
  • Evil-Fu Ape - SDCC 2006 exclusive (half the run is the Wide eyed variant)
  • Club2r Classic Prison Ape (mustachioed)
  • Green Club2r Evil Prison Ape
  • Evil Prison Ape
  • Orange Evil Prison Ape
  • Baseball Fury
  • Baseball Fury (Orange Face Variant)
  • Black Naked Evil Ape Kong
  • Brown Naked Evil Ape Kong
  • Green Naked Evil Ape Kong
  • White Naked Evil Ape Kong
  • French
  • GID
  • White GID (from Phase 2 this was the only different one)
  • Translucent (part of the Amazing Glow In the Dark Evil Apes, but doesn't actually Glow - ratio is 1:12)
  • Green GID
  • Pink GID
  • Blue GID
  • Yellow GID
  • Ape of Death - half the run is the black eyed variant, 360 pieces
  • Skeleton Ape - half the run is the wide eyed variant
  • Panda Ape - classic, 300 pieces
  • Panda Ape - signing edition, 60 pieces
  • Panda Ape - there are 4 variants, together they make up the colors of the Olympic rings - total of 30 sets worldwide