GIANT! monstre de marais

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"The grown up version of Monstre De Marais is getting old in his age. For years he has be the guardian of the forest and wetlands and now spends his weekends training his son to follow in his foot steps and take over!"

This was the second toy created and produced by We Kill You in April of 2008. GIANT! Monstre De Marais stands 7" tall and is the father figure to Monstre De Marais. Each toys is hand cast in resin and hand painted by We Kill You. On top of the following editions, there are a hand full of customs that can be seen at the GIANT! Monstre De Marais Flickr page.


  • GIANT! - 10 White with black face
  • Like Father - 4 sets with Like Father(Monstre De Marais). Blue/Seafoam with purple face and yellow splatters
  • Tiger Tiger Burning Bright - 3 Painted with tiger stripes and yellow faces to match different Tiger Army albums
  • Colour Test - 6 different rainbow coloured monsters with painted faces