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Created, hand painted and produced by Sam Griffiths. Baby Gaman stands 4" tall. The larger Gaman was a one off released for the Kaiju for Japan show in 2011.

Gaman is a collective term given to the organisms that populate the landscape of Planet Domu, Literally. The Baby Gaman is the origin of new lands on Planet Domu, the first step in a grand and noble process unfolding over hundreds of thousands of years.

Offspring of the proud, towering mountains that rest on distant horizons, Baby Gaman are born of fire and turmoil. When the time comes, their mothers claw their way to the surface over a period of arduous days, fighting with all their might to emerge before embarking on a pilgrimage to the Great Plains. Instinct drives them to these ancient lands, the birth place of all Gaman.

After months, sometimes years, the Gaman mother comes to rest at the exact point of her origin. Dark clouds roll across cracked and broken skies and ‘The Rising’ begins...

Her vast underbelly is torn and ruptured as boiling lava spews from her core. The ground beneath her shudders and warps as the universe pours its energies into her. As her limbs weaken and begin to buckle under the immense strain, the Baby Gaman bursts into the world in a shower of crimson lava, sparks, acrid plumes of shadow. Crashing to the ground and slick with lava, the Baby Gaman struggles to find its feet and take its first steps as a new part of the living breathing world.


  • Gaman - 1 piece
  • Baby Earth Gaman
  • Baby Ice Gaman