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Many years ago, Gonakedet was a fisherman. In his fishing town, the stories of a lizard like sea creature that ate lost fishing boats, was a common tale. This creature was said to posses the power to control the sea. One day while out to sea alone in his boat, Gonakedet was attacked by this sea creature and in a fierce battle managed to take its life. Convinced that this creature possessed this great power to control the sea, he gutted it and wore its skin as an outfit. Over time, the skin of the creature and his flesh bonded leaving him stuck as the creature for ever. Gonakadet now protects the seas and its creatures from the evil that lurks there.

This was the fifth toy created and produced by We Kill You in Oct of 2008. Gonakadet stands 5" tall and was the third in a series of 4 Halloween toys released in October of 2008. Every Monday of the month, the sculpt of a toy was released and then on the following Friday was the release of the first edition of that toy. Each toys is hand cast in resin and hand painted by We Kill You. On top of the following editions, there are a hand full of customs that can be seen at the Gonakadet Flickr page.


  • V.1 Clear - 10 Clear Green with Purple face
  • V.1 Solid - 5 Solid Green with Purple face
  • V.1 Mono - 5 Solid Grey with black face