Hell Hound

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Created by Touma and produced by Toy2r. The vinyl stands 8" tall while the plush stands 10" tall. The vinyl figures came first and were released in 2005. The later plush figures were released in 2007.

"On a planet in a far away galaxy, a race of fierce hounds became very warlike in the wake of the Knuckle Bear Battles. The first Hounds to take action were a band of brothers known as the Guardians of Hell."



  • Hell Gate Guard - Grey, 300 pieces
  • Hell Gate Guard - Fewmany Exclusive Pink, 150 pieces
  • Chaotic Red - 200 pieces
  • Eins
  • Bloody Thunder - 300 pieces
  • Zero
  • Zero Light Blue
  • Black - 150 pieces
  • White


  • Blue
  • Black
  • Red
  • Pink