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My artist name is Jaykblu and I have been making vinyl toys since the start of Summer 2013 now! I am ‘by day’ a Pharmacy Student in my 3rd year, but I have always loved art and so do it in any spare time I get (as well as being a massive anime nerd and a gym freak). I work digitally with vinyl toys, of course, and many other mediums – whatever I feel like at the time really! Vinyl toys really drew me in with their versatility & freedom to do and use what you want. My first pieces were far from perfect but through blunders I taught myself everything – using tips & advice from the amazing art community online and on Instagram!

Designed Toy Releases[edit]

These are toys designed by Jaykblu.

Toy Series Participation[edit]

These are toys that Jaykblu has lent his design skills to.


These are one-off, or very limited, pieces.