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My Mother met a man on a train, had sex with him and fell pregnant. This man was married and wasn't willing to leave his wife. Being of a fragile disposition my mother had a breakdown and ended up in an asylum where she gave birth to twins. The man from the train came to see my mother and took my brother away never to be seen again. My mother descended deeper into her depression and eventually took her life. I grew up in the asylum. Due to my dysfunctional start in life I became very introverted and escaped into an imaginary world called 'Snidey'. Over the years I received a lot of Art therapy to help me, I have turned my life round and am now considered to be a bit of an extrovert. Recently they decided to downsize the asylum and as they deemed to diagnose me as 'not to be a danger to the public' I have been released.

I am JesterMouse, not living the all consuming dream, out to take the mickey.

I am a mickey mouse operator living out of the parallel world of Snidey.

This is the first day of the rest of my life,

I am now free, the beginning...dream on!

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