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The Lake Monsters is a new project by Squibbles Ink + Rotofugi. Squibbles Ink is a product development company based here in Chicago, and frequent collaborators with Rotofugi, a designer toy store and art gallery, also in Chicago.

We love monsters and decided that it would be a hell of lot of fun to make some of our own. These will be rotocast vinyl (made in China for those of you who will want to know) that will all be hand painted by us here in the US. We’re already planning on designs by several different midwest-based artists.

Many of the sculpts will be by Cleveland-based artist Chris Ryniak. We are stoked that Chris is into our little project and glad to have him on board.


  • LM001, aka Big Muscamoot
  • Dredge - with Brian Morris (8")
    • Imperial
    • Split Personality
    • SDCC'10 Trapped Under Ice
    • Bone
  • SOLEM (Single Optic Lake Effect Monster) - with Joey Potts
    • Green Apple
  • Snybora (3.5")
    • Baby Mossback SDCC'11
    • Naked Mole Rat SDCC'11
    • Mud Puddle
    • GID Orange SDCC'12
    • GID Green SDCC'12
    • Year of the Dragon - 2012
    • Blushing '13
    • Blues Brother - Rotofugi exclusive 2016
    • Tequila Sunrise - SDCC'16 Rotofugi exclusive


Big Muscamoot