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“MechatroWeGo” is a single-seated MECHATROBOT for use by children, developed by Moderhythm. With simple operations, children can drive WeGo with ease. WeGo starts to walk by just getting in the driver’s seat and leaning the body towards the desired direction. The arms of WeGo can be moved freely with the combination of control levers and touch panel.

The tough body of WeGo protects the child inside from unexpected accidents and crimes. Getting on and off the WeGo is easy with the help of the platform lift. WeGo is used by children living in mountain regions for school commute, and also as attractions in amusement parks. WeGo can be used on public roads permitted by the city or prefecture, such as in robot specialized areas.


  • 1/12th scale
  • 1/20th scale
    • WSC
  • 1/35th Scale
    • Japan
    • Orange
    • Blue
    • Green