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Scott Radke was born in Cleveland, Ohio, and grew up in the nearby suburb of Strongsville. Radke has experimented with various media throughout his life and currently focuses on the creation of sculptural hybrid creatures with an extraordinarily innocent, yet dark twist. In 1999 the popularity of his marionettes allowed him to leave his mind-numbing job at a bed-frame factory to pursue his creative passion on a full-time basis. His marionettes have been featured in films including /Voices In My Head,/ a BBC documentary directed by David Malone; /Desolation Sound/, starring Jennifer Beals; /God in the Machine/, starring Thomas Jay Ryan; and Birthday Massacre’s music video, /Blue/.

Radke’s work has been published internationally in magazines including Bizarre (England), DPI (Taiwan), Refused, and Skratch. *He has* shown his work at BLK/MRKT Gallery (CA), M Modern Gallery (CA), Strychnin Gallery (Germany), Jonathan Levine’s former Tin Man Alley (PA), and CB’s 313 (NYC) among others.

Radke currently lives in Cleveland where he has created set designs, costumes, and masks for choreographer Sarah Morrison. Sarah and Scott married soon after their first creative collaboration, and their home has grown over the past ten years to include their daughter Isabella, 4 cats, and a lot of goldfish.

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