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The garbage monster sculpt, originally created by I-K-B toys in 1971, has proven to be a very popular kaiju with vinyl collectors. Smogun’s popularity is due in part to the character’s mysterious origins, it’s rarity, and the devoted re-issues by Gargamel and Hukkokudo. With a torso made of tires, cars for feet, a truck for a head, and headlights for eyes, Smogun is a very unique Kaiju…and that’s saying a lot with all of the imaginative creatures out there!

Gargamel Mini Smogun, stands 4.5" tall. Gargamel Pocket Smogun, stands 3" tall.


4.5" Mini[edit]

  • Clear blue with guts
  • Clear blue
  • Super7 Clear Orange & Blue
  • Green
  • Clear (with paper-craft inside the head)
  • Cosmos Bwana Spoons Edition
  • Devastator Charactics
  • GID (SDCC edition)
  • Gold Metallic Lucky Bag Unpainted
  • Gold Metallic Lucky Bag Painted
  • Red
  • Orange
  • Tokyo Green
  • Hawaii Pink
  • RFSO by Koji Harmon

3" Pocket[edit]

  • Clear Purple
  • Clear Blue-Green Painted
  • Clear Blue-Green Unpainted