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Jump to: navigation, search is a collectible toy culture blog and community from the creators of the popular videogame website Destructoid. Founded by fellow Destructoid editors Colette Bennett and Topher Cantler, the site was launched in February of 2008 with the same strong focus on community shared by its sister projects published under Modern Method Network.

Tomopop differs from other toy websites in that it doesn't focus on any one particular type of collectible, but rather expands its attention to cover unique and interesting toys from a wide range of sources and genres. On any given visit, readers might find designer vinyl news followed directly by anything from anime figures, vintage robots or custom plush, to papercraft or handbags designed by popular vinyl artists. The site's founders are also well aware of their roots in the world of videogames, and toys relating to gamer interests and lifestyle are a common fixture on the homepage.

In keeping with the model of the other sites in its parent network, Tomopop has widened its foundation as a community-driven site by offering user-generated blogs; inviting readers to show off their own toy collections, trade blind boxed figures with other community members, and display custom DIY projects. It's through these community blogs that the site's readership can interact directly with the staff, and it's not uncommon for a community member who posts his or her own creations in their blog to find their work featured on the main site if an editor happens to see something they like.

Rather than an up-to-the-minute vinyl news blog, Tomopop exists more as a place for toy enthusiasts to gather and share in their love of collecting, regardless of age or background. This is reflected by the site's motto: "Growing up is for suckers," and is maintained by the staff as they seek to offer readers a chance to discover new and unique toys which might have otherwise never crossed their path on a more specific blog.