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Online Art Magazine, Vinyl Abuse, was manifested by three aspiring students who stood up and met the need of a UK news network to focus on Designer Urban Vinyl. Since its debut on September 7, 2005, it has become apparent just how diverse this culture is. From the studio to the street, Vinyl Abuse branches out to provide the various forms of visual expression. The latest happenings are recorded not only through a daily news blog, but also in the forms of interviews, articles, and reviews. In addition to the 10,000 unique visitors per month, Vinyl Abuse continues to be in the community by providing a large active forum. Through this, Vinyl Abuse has expanded internationally bringing together not only those in the UK, but enthusiast from parts of the USA all the way to Taiwan.

In the spring of 2006, Vinyl Abuse became the first independent Online Art Magazine to host a live event titled "Gee Whizz", a charity show created to aid California artist, Huck Gee.

Vinyl Abuse then formed Gee Whizz Foundation after Gee Whizz to help other people with problems. Find out more information on Gee Whizz Foundation.

Furthermore, Vinyl Abuse has been mentioned in both printed and online material. The growing list includes Pixel Surgeon, Playtimes Magazine, Clutter Magazine, and Computer Arts Magazine.

VA is not a team, it is a community. We're just here to make sure it stays that way.