Vortigern's Machine

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Figures based on the book "Vortigerns Machine and the Great Sage", by James Jarvis and Rus. The figures range from 7"-12".

Trouble finds Rusty and Wiggs when Dworkin the clinically obese dog eats Wiggs keys. When they turn to their good friend, Mr. Vortigern, he sends them on a jungle adventure through a vortex in search of enlightenment. But what about the keys?!


  • Mr Vortigern - Purple Robe
  • Mr Vortigern - White Robe
  • Mr Waverley
  • Rusty and Dworkin
  • Wiggs
  • The Witch Doctor
  • Harvey
  • Jubs
  • The Troll of the Bridge of Kevin
  • Mr Spoons