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In the world of Nemori, it’s traditional for the owls to go into the same line of work, one huge postal network, that carries letters, packages and messages all over the more civilised parts of the land. Windemere started out as a postal trainee, but fate put him on a different path, thanks to that loveable rogue, Clissold the fox.

One of the first packages ever tasked to Windemere was a hat of Clissold’s that had been trampled in some seemly far-fetched adventure. It needed repair, and only one hat maker would do. One that lived far, far… far away. Many month’s later Windermere returned with the hat, but not as a post-owl, but a newly trained hat maker himself. Somehow this didn’t surprise our wry fox fellow.

That was long ago, now Windermere travels quite a bit himself, has seen a thing or two and knows a chap who heard some things about whatever it is you might be interested in. It’s amazing the things you learn fitting a gentleman for a new hat.

Original resin hand-painted sculpt standing 3" tall with an optional hat.


  • White & Pale Blue
  • White & Grey
  • Pale Blue 1
  • Pale Blue 2
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Bright Blue
  • Purple Pink Eyes
  • Purple
  • Dark Pink & Yellow
  • Dark Pink
  • Orange 1
  • Orange 2
  • Yellow & Blue
  • Yellow & Pink