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Antlor - The Deer Departed was created by Kenn Munk.

Antlor are paper DIY hunting trophies for those not inclined to spend hours in the cold, wet forest, waiting for an unsuspecting animal whose head they can chop off and mount on a varnished piece of wood in the cottage.

Series 1 (The Deer Departed) was released April 1st 2005. It consisted of three different designs in numbered editions of 2000 of each. Antlor wasn't a huge success in designer toy circles, but did better in design shops. The series was more interior-design than "Urban vinyl".

Alongside series 1, series 0 (The Killed Darlings) was launched. These were "free" Antlors, one was/is available from the Antlor website, one was printed in the pages of Clutter magazine and one was sent out to clients and friends around Christmas 2005.

Series 2 (security) added a new twist to the hunting theme, replacing the deers heads with surveillance cameras. Series 2 is more concept than product and started popping up in late 2007. The first security camera (and edition of 1) was part of the "sneaky critters" show at the Bodhi gallery and despite a price tag of £4.99 it didn't sell - this suggests that series 2 will have as much impact on the toy crowd as series 1 had.


  • Series 1
  • Series 2