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How to Edit Vinyl-Creep

So you want to help us out, thank you very much! There are a few key points you'll need to edit a Wiki correctly, but it's not rocket science and once you've got the hang of it you'll wonder what the fuss was about!


Some pages can be edited without signing in, but it's more polite to register, this way you can track your changes that you've made. You'll also have your own profile page to edit and do with as you please, and a talk page to post questions and answers. Click the link on the top right of this page to register.

Adding a New Page

First of all, do a search for the subject in mind, and it's not there. You'll see a link in red saying "create this page". Click that and you'll be taken to a blank editing screen with the subject title at the top of the page.

Next, you'll need a template to guide you, depending if the subject is an Artist or Toy, or something else, there should be a template there for you. Cut and paste this information into the blank editing screen, and fill in all the details. Click "save page" and you'll be taken to your new page.

If there's still anything needing editing, you can click "edit" and amend.

Editing an Existing Page

Click "edit" at the top of the page, the third tab along. This will bring up a free text box to work in. If you only want to edit a certain section you should be able to see an "edit" button on the right hand side of the page, use the contents box at the top of the page to jump to the section you want to edit. Don't worry about messing up! Everything can be fixed.

Adding a Picture

You have to be registered on vinyl-creep in order to upload images. Images must also be 150kb and under. In order to upload, click upload file, which is located on the navigation bar to the left in the "toolbox".

If the photo is not yours, try and include where it came from with a link back to the site in question. This is just common courtesy.

FYI, direct linking of images on this website is not allowed, all images must be uploaded.

Special Wiki Code

There are a few wiki codes you may need, some html works here, but not all, and it's better to use wiki-specific codes.

The ones you may need are as follows:

  • For an external link:
[ Website Name]
  • For an internal link to another page on Vinyl-Creep:
[[Subject]] - for an article
[[:Category:Categoryname|title]] - for a category
  • For a heading and sub heading:
== Heading ==
=== Sub Heading ===	
  • For a bullet point:
  • For bold text:
  • For italic text:
  • For an Indent/New Paragraph:


If you have any suggestions for the site, or a particular page, you can add them to the "discussion" tab which is available next to the "article" tab at the top left of every article. Be sure to add a signature so we know who posted what, you do this by clicking the little squiggle button which is second from right along the option bar that sits on top of each edit window.

Link Us

You may use the below banners to advertise us on your own site if you wish! These were kindly created by Mimic (as was our logo!).