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Created by Crazy Lab, Crazilla stands 12” tall.

Human beings have always regarded creatures different from themselves as monsters, but who is the villain? Look at the problem from another angle, maybe humans are the invaders here, and you will enter the world of monsters. In this cosmology, monsters are decent and maybe humans and superman are villains! !

Welcome to the funny world of Guai Sla! HE COME IN PEACE, it has O% lethality 100% funny power!

A big monster who is fierce and cute, likes fun, hip-hop, hot pot, desserts and cats. The earth is its playground. It loves all the interesting things. See how it plays with the earth, eat shaved ice on Mount Fuji, fly in Kanagawa surfing, Shanghai licks the Oriental Pearl Tower as a candy gourd...Bus as a pulley...self Hi Disco...


  • Crazy Matte Black
  • Crazy Black Gold