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Fhloston Paradise was born from my own deep routed passion for science fiction and collectibles. From the age of 5 when I first laid my hands on a vintage 1977 Kenner Darth Vader, I have had an affinity with tiny pieces of plastic.

I have dedicated the last 30 years of my life to collecting, culminating in the co-founding of Reaction Figure Fans (Facebook's largest Reaction Figure Forum) in 2013 and the penning of my first book: The Unofficial Guide To Reaction Figures, due for release later this year.

I am often asked 'what's your focus?' I respond by saying that I think the word 'focus' is a dirty one, as over the years I have adopted the stance 'if I like it, I'm buying it', its going to happen anyway so why fight it!

Fhloston Paradise is the realization of dream, not only to be my own boss, but to to do what so many crave for, that is to turn my hobby into my job.

It is my goal to strip away all the corporate goings on you get when you deal with the major retailers and focus (there is that word again!) on providing quality collectibles and memorabilia for everyone from the casual fan right through to the die hard collector and everyone in between.

Fhloston Paradise has a simple moto, one that we live by, one that keeps us true and although it might be simple, we think it works.......

Fhloston Paradise, Run By A Collector, For Collectors.