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Created by Yoskay Yamamoto and produced by Munky King. Released late 2008, first seen at SDCC'08. The figure stands 7" tall. Koibito is based on the original painting featured in Yoskay's "In a Foreign Land" joint show at Project Gallery.

"Once upon a time I had a goldfish named Tuna. But he passed away because of my laziness and mistreatment...So I painted him for his memory...But at same time Koibito symbolizes the sense of alienation that I felt growing up in Cali...It's kind of like the phrase " fish out of water"...I felt and still feel like I don't completely fit in my environment......both in Japan and the US......"


  • Standard - White & Red - 1000 pieces
  • Gold & Black - 500 pieces
  • Smoke Clear - Munky King Exclusive,150 pieces
  • SDCC'08 - Black,150 pieces
  • SDCC'09 - Bronze Plated, 30 pieces
  • LeBasse Projects Edition - 150 pieces


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