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Welcome to Vinyl-Creep
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The ultimate database on all things Designer Toy! This is a free encyclopaedia of Artists and their work. It's free to contribute, just register in the top right corner and off you go! Are you an artist and toy designer? Go ahead and add yourself! Don't know how to edit a wiki? See our How to Edit pages!
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Featured Custom:


"BabyTeq" Dunny custom by Jon Paul Kaiser

Featured Toy:


Evil Ape Fink
Created by MCA and produced by UVD Toys, this vinyl figure stands 4" tall and features articulation in both arms and at the wrists.

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Featured Artist:


The Bots
Born and raised in a town better known for its football legacy than the ignored arts program, Tony and Jenn's adventure into the popular art scene occurred thanks in part to a single character affectionately known as Bot. Due to the urging of friends, family, and mentors, from that moment on they have chased a dream that has led their creations to every corner of the world. What makes their art truly unique, as they have to come to realize, is not only the story it tells, but also the two leaders of the robot revolution--Jenn and Tony themselves.

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