Mini Gods

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Created by Marka27 and produced by BIC Plastics, Mini Gods feature a working speaker. Mini Gods are the "Givers Of Divine Sound". Since the beginning of time, many civilizations and cultures from various backgrounds throughout the world have used MUSIC as a means of ritual, celebration, healing, and even to declare battle for war. Mini Gods are a direct representation of ancient and modern pop/street culture fused into one.

MG1 Brazil stands 16" tall, MG2 Mexico stands 17" tall and has an improved system and an an external AC adapter port for extended play without batteries.

MG3, Asia, was released in two sizes. The larger stands 15" while the mini one stands 5.5".


  • MG1 Brazil
    • Brazil - 300 pieces
    • Midnight - 300 pieces
    • Gold Grillz - 100 pieces
    • Platinum Grillz - 100 pieces
  • MG2 Mexico
    • Mexico - 200 pieces
    • Midnight Mexico - 200 pieces
    • BrokenBones "Day of the Dead" - 150 pieces
  • MG3 Asia
    • Asia
    • NYCC'11 Black
    • White Pearl - 100 pieces