Rock, Paper, Scissors

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Curator and custom paper toy extraordinaire Matthew Hawkins brings the travelling custom paper toy exhibit to Rivet! This show featured more than 26 artists from around the world.

Dates & Address[edit]

January 2nd - 31st 2009 - Rivet Gallery, 1200 N. High St. Columbus, OH 43201 USA

The Artists[edit]

3EyedBear, Kenn Munk, Ben The Illustrator, BigChief Design, Shin Tanaka, Atelier Alessio Blanco, Carlo Giovani, e440, Jerome, Nicebunny, Illectronics, Horrorwood, Sjors Trimbach, Christopher Bonnette, Jonny Chiba, Rememberthelittleguy, mckibillo, mck, PHIL, LouLou, Bryan Rollins, Marshall Alexander, Dolly Oblong, Paper Foldables, Harlancore, Angello Garcia Bassi, Tetsuya Watabe, Nick Knite, Matt Hawkins