Show Us your Munny Volume 2

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Show munny 2flyer.jpg

Its popularity has spawned an abundance of Munny shows.. Voltage takes their second stab with their Show Us your Munny Volume 2 opening on Thursday, June 26h, 2008 (8 - 2 AM). Scheduled to go into the wee hours of the night, the show will feature 30 custom Munnys from 30 artists.

Date & Address

Thursday June 26th 2008 - Voltage, 4346 Main St. (Main & 28th), Vancouver, BC V5V 3P9 Canada

The Artists

Stephanie Babiarz, Brent Clowater, Jimbow, Mike Gilbert, Raine Anderson, Sol Sallee, Peter Ricq, Colin Moore, Nomi Chi, Kimberley Cairns, Jason Pultz, English, Rhys Hastings, Sueme, Dacosta Bayley, Nick Roddam, Rhek, Bentone, Alana Rempel, Clio Chiang, Dragonflower, Jeff Denomme, Albert Art, Judson Beaumont, Dave Kite, Mark Atomos Pilon, Amanda Rude, Angela Ling, Amanda Henry, Mark Jansen