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Kerry Horvath and Darth Rimmer are the creators of the company Lazysmash, from which they have crafted the entity known as Evil Ice Cream. The two met at Otis College of Art & Design where they both studied Fine Art.

Kerry is inspired by children’s books, color and design, music, toys and humor. She loves artists like Marcel Dzama, J Otto Seilbold, Yoshimoto Nara and her favorite painting titled, "the sower", is a tiny Van Gogh at the Hammer Museum in Westwood, CA. She is also very heavily inspired by the strange people on the bus; Or any funny incidences on the street in everyday life.

Darth is inspired by ancient people and places. Architecture, Clothing, and Technologies of forgotten worlds. Living History books are his favorites, as they show us just how things were done using primitive tools and advanced engineering.

Kerry Horvath is currently a designer for a fashion company. She also makes illustrations, paintings, and books for galleries around Los Angeles.

Darth Rimmer works as a full time toy designer, and sculptor of all sorts of things.

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