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Created by Dalek and produced by Kidrobot. The original large-size stood 10"-11" tall, 2,000 pieces of each colour were released. The smaller series figures stood 3" tall and were released in 2005.

Ice-Bots are little critters that live in refrigerators. They hate it when it is warm, and love it when it is cold. In their houses they have little microwaves that cool things down, not heat them up. Blocks of ice come out of the showers in Ice-Bots bathrooms.

Ice-Bots love to ski, ride sleds, and clean the ice from their fridge-homes using ropes, spiked shoes, and ice-picks. Each Ice-Bot has his own characteristic, some are fun, some are mean, some are sad. The Ice-Bots evil enemy is the DEFROSTER (not available... yet).



  • Red
  • Black
  • White
  • Blue - Limited Edition of 100


  • Series 1
    • Black Heart-Eyes (Chase)
    • White Buck-Teeth
    • Black Smiley
    • Black Star-Head
    • Black Evil
    • Bleeding Bandage-Eyes
    • Blue Asterix-Head
    • Green Disc-Eyes
    • Grey Eye-Ball
    • Grey Goggles
    • Light Green Bashful
    • Orange Evil
    • Pac-Man Eyes
    • Pink Sleepy-Eyed
    • Red Star-Head
    • Blue Ski



Series 1[edit]