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Skateboarding, punk, thrash, grindcore, and Glow in the Dark Monster Model kits: all allies in warping the creative mind of Los Angeles artist Mike Fisher. Operating under the banner of MaximumFluoride for more than a decade Fisher has adorned posters, shirts, stickers, and decks and more with his macabre imaginings. Aside from various windows, poles, and walls, Mike’s work has appeared in the The World Of Board Graphics, The Heavy Metal and Hardcore Graphics, Art of Electric Frankenstein, The Art of Modern Rock, Gigposters Vol:2, and more. Check the metal and punk sections at your local music store or your local Rock Shop and your bound to find releases and apparel bearing his mark.

Hailing from San Jose, California, Fisher became addicted to skating upon receiving his first board at age 10. Soon after he came across his first fateful issue of Thrasher. Flipping through its pages, the bloody visions of Pushead and Marc Rude provided endless fascination. Combined with his burgeoning love of the Hardcore Punk scene, these dark images reawakened his artistic urges.

Designed Toy Releases[edit]

Toy Series Participation[edit]

  • BUD - 3" Dieselfuel Artist Series, 2009

Customs & Show Pieces[edit]