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Born in the late 70's, In the outskirts of Lost Angeles. At the age of 10yrs was fascinated with graffiti that was in his surroundings growing up. His style was influenced by graffiti and because of it, he learned thought outside the box, bend and distort the letters and characters. Video Games and Cartoons were a heavy influence as well. From drawing Transformers to Mario Bros.

In his teens discovered the Anime section at the local video store. Liking the vivid colors, very unique characters and stories, he took some of the anime elements and applied them to his art. Now taking art on different mediums, canvas painting with airbrush and paint brushes, digital painting with a graphic tablet, sculpting, spray paint and the list will go on. His is style of art is described as Dark, Vivid, Cybernetic/Electronic, Fantasy and sometimes Cute or like someone once said," it's like a distortion of life." It?s like art with a Bi-Polar disorder with no remedy in sight.

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