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Squibbles INK is a Chicago-based product design, development and sourcing company established in the late 90s. Simply put it is in the business of making stuff. Owner Joseph Somers is an artist and entrepreneur and is always driven to push the balance of creativity with the rigorous demands of product manufacturing. Squibbles past is tied directly to vintage collectible toys, candy and pop culture novelties. Since 2007 Squibbles has dedicated a great deal of it's time to working with designers and artist from the midwest to create a broad new array of unique products produced and sold under the squibbles ink + rotofugi™ brand. Other creative works developed during the past five years include the Plushform™, a designer plush DIY platform toy produced and marketed in conjuction with the character design studio Shawnimals as well as numerous Inked Pulp image/graphics based products.

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