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The sculptural works of Aleph Geddis live at the intersection of traditional methods and modernist forms, informed by a lifetime fascination with the foundational structures of our world. Growing up on Orcas Island in the Pacific Northwest, Aleph spent many hours with his stepfather, a sculptor, carver and builder of wooden boats. Steeped in this rich environment, his early works drew inspiration from the stylized naturalism of Northwest coast Native carvings, and later, from all he saw on a family trip to Japan.

As his work evolves, there remains a consistent engagement with the simple elegance of natural forms. His recent works are traveling directly into the integral shapes of the Platonic solids, which Aleph experiences as holding a truth beyond human subjectivity, and a magical existence that precedes us and will outlast us, that we get the pleasure of experiencing and interacting with.

A dedicated traveler and artisan, Aleph brings his work with him wherever he goes, continuing to use these forms as a place to explore the paradoxes that surround him, and to make some offering of beauty and integrity back into the world.

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