Brodarrfest US

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Brodarrfest U.S. was hosted by FOE Gallery in June 2015. Bwana Spoons along with 28 other artists created both 2D and 3D artworks celebrating the Suns of Brodarr.

Dates & Addresses[edit]

June 6th - 30th 2015 - Foe Gallery, 114 Main St #2, Northampton MA 01060

The Artists[edit]

Arbito, Cherry Au, Cop A Squat Toys, Damion Silver, David Horvath, Dead Presidents, Eric Nilla, Dril One, Grizlli Atom, Grumble Toy, Guumon, Jeff Lamm, Johan Ulrich, John Black, Joseph Harmon, Mab Graves, Mark Nagata, Martin Ontiveros, Mel Stringer, MVH, Oliver Hibert, Peter Kato, Ryan Berkley, Scrappers, Walter Parenton, Zack Soto