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An independent Artist with the capacity of a design firm, DaCosta has been dubbed a ‘guru’ of vector illustration. This self-taught, multifaceted illustrator and award winning designer who started drawing from the moment he realized crayons make better tools of expression than snacks. Designing professionally Since '95, DaCosta is currently based in Vancouver and is the founder of Chocolate Soop Inc. A creative studio influenced by Japanese culture, graffiti and industrial design, his innovation challenges existing conventions and concepts while maintaining, as noted by his peers, “a rare combination of artistic vision, technical execution and commercial sensibility”. He demonstrates a “finely honed grasp of what does and does not resonate with his intended audience”, creating designs which “communicate familiarity without stooping to cliché” and characters which possess “weight and depth…wit and poignancy”.

His passion and philosophy is grounded in his belief that visual art must be imaginative and bold. He strives to create the highest quality work on every project, so whether it be through toys, concept designs, illustrations, or an animated project, connecting with those who encounter his work is very important to him. Dacosta develops designs to communicate a message, activate the viewer’s imagination, and be visually inspiring, all elements, which he believes to be integral to the personality of his works.

Designed Toy Releases[edit]

Toy Series Participation[edit]

  • Mini-G - 3.5", 2009
  • Chibi Charms - 3" Series 1 - Red Overall Good Luck Energy, 2009
  • Kaniza - Red & Blue Wish Kid Set, 23 sets, 2008
  • Kaniza - Cluster 1, 2008

Customs & Show Pieces[edit]


Production Pieces[edit]

Customs & Show Pieces[edit]