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Steve Talkowski known for his rad Sketchbot figure has just announced the release of phase 1 of Sketchbot, and to celebrate he has asked 50 of the best customizers in the business to do what they do best on his new figure for an upcoming custom show at My Plastic Heart NYC on Friday, March 26th that runs through April 23rd.

Dates & Address[edit]

March 26th - April 23rd 2010 - My Plastic Heart, 210 Forsyth St. NYC 10002 USA

The Artists[edit]

64 Colors, Aaron Stewart, Andrew Bell, Argonaut Resins, Brent Nolasco, Brian Flynn, Chauskoskis, Chris Krebs, Chuckboy, Chris Raab, Cypher 13, Dacosta, David Gittleman, Dead Presidents, Mr Den, Gods and Monsters, DrilOne, Dustin Cantrell, Entae Kim, Frank Mysterio, Jared Deal, Jason Limòn, J-Bat, Jeremiah Ketner, Jester, Motorbot, J-Roo, kaNO, Keithing, King Abnon, Leecifer, LJ Lindhurst, Lou Pimentel, MAD, Manny Galan, Matt Doughty, Moopf, NEMO, OsirisOrion, Patrick Francisco, PhoneticControl, Pon, Reactor-88, Sam Fout, Mr Shane Jessup, Steve Talkowski, SketOne, Suckadelic, ToysREvil, VeggieSomething