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From Camilla d'Errico's self-published book Tanpopo, Kuro (aka Poodle) is the willing and scheming companion who has promised Tanpopo love, happiness and human emotion. Don't let his cuteness fool you; he is after Tanpopo's soul. From the second volume of Tanpopo comes Specter Kuro, the variant of Kuro. As cute and cuddly as he may be, Kuro's bark is as deadly as his bite! Specter is the purest white, but beneath that innocent exterior his heart is as black as his Devil's soul.

The Kuro plush is 6" tall. Released in 2009.

In 2011 a vinyl edition of Kuro was produced by Inner Sanctum.


  • Plush
    • Original
    • Specter
  • Vinyl
    • Original
    • GID Blueberry - 100 pieces
    • DIY