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The Pushers by Thomas Han were first seen at SDCC 2006 and 2007. Spirit and Pirate were available on general release in August 2007, they measure 5.75" tall (7" box).

The Pushers are an ongoing theme and set of characters in Thomas Han's paintings. Basically they are what they are...Pushers. They're pusher men. They push ideas, thoughts, nd actions that you do everyday. There is the animal, there's a spirit, there's a monster and there's a pirate. All four of those pushers are extensions of everybody's subconscious. There's debauchery, the monstrous side of you, the spiritual side of you, and there's the animalistic side of humans. They are a manifestation of all that.


  • Spirit - 500 pieces (GID, 150 numbered)
  • Pirate - 500 pieces (GID, 150 numbered)
  • Animal - 20 pieces
  • Animal - GID, 150 pieces
  • Monster - Glossy Black, 500 pieces
  • Monster - GID, 150 pieces
  • DIY


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