The Tentacle Love Show

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‘The Tentacle Love Show’, which is curated by J Fuchs and features a number of artists following the theme guidelines of tentacles. Whether it be Squids, Octopus, or any other tentacled creatures, you will see it at this exhibition.

Dates & Addresses

February 18th - March 11th 2012 - Monkeyhouse Toys and Art Gallery, 2874 Rowena Ave. Los Angeles, CA 9003

The Artists

Douglas Alvarez, Dawn Anderson, Axelhoney, Terri Berman, Betso, BLINKY, Kit Cameo, Dee Chavez, Nic Cowan, Crowded Teeth, Tania Del Rio, downtimer, Jess Ebner, Dan Goodsell, Mary J Hoffman, Noel ILL, Leslie Klenke, Kali Meadows, Yuki Miyazaki, Nick The Ring, Keith Noordzy, Brian O’Dell, Allison Revilla, J Salvador, Jasper Santos, Skull City Crafts, Josh Taylor, UNCLE, Paul Wilson, Mimi Yoon