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Yuki Miyazaki may be one of the busiest artists in Los Angeles. Her art, a mix of animation, pop-culture, and pop-surrealism, Japanese cultural heritage can be seen at galleries, charity events, and live art & music cultural events to share her creative process. She has been a resident artist at the HIVE Gallery & studios for 4 years & an exhibiting artist for over 7 years in galleries in Los Angeles as well as galleries abroad.

With her background in animation, Yuki has a story for each one of her pieces. "I'm interested in narratives. I see things almost like storyboards," she says. Like a shot from a scene. One of my painting teachers, a serious painter, asked "what is it, exactly, that you're trying to communicate to your viewer through your visual expression? I always ask myself that.... What do I want to say to people? So, I try to tell them a story in a single image, a sentiment, a state of our human conditions as I experience my own life.... I believe that a picture should not only be seen, but felt... I want people to be able to identify with my work and share sentiments through narrative oriented images... how the viewer identifies with the image without explanation is what I hope to achieve... the interpretation has no importance to myself, but what is important is that it communicated a truth that resonates with another individual... To me, that is what art making is... My work, i'm hoping will live beyond my own life..."

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